Global running apparel and footwear market

Global Athletic Wear Market by Value 2. The overall picture is completed by the vast number of domestic manufacturers who primarily service the lower end of the footwear market. Nike is offering value-added fabrics that dry quickly and keeps the wearer warm and comfortable.

Under Armour surpasses Adidas to become No. All Minimalist Running Shoes: Sales Channels Retail channels for footwear in China are mainly department stores, specialty stores and e-commerce.

E-commerce portals are extensively used in developed countries such as the U. Among its vast portfolio of athletic products, Under Armour, began to offer apparels with compression technology that helps in the regulation of body temperature, enabling the runners to be in a state of comfort during exercise.

There are numerous small-scale manufacturers that offer tough competition to the athletic footwear giants. This highlights their presence and helps establish their brand value to attract an increased volume of consumers.

In the recent years, the growing number of running events such as marathons in emerging economies has influenced the demand for running apparel and footwear. By type, it is categorized into sports, running, and walking shoes; hiking and backpacking shoes; and aerobic and gym wear shoes.

Meanwhile, the domestic brand Peak produced the first pair of 3D-printed running shoes on the mainland in Online sales mainly take two forms: E-commerce has simplified the purchasing process for consumers by making it easier and more convenient.

Major vendors are coming up with customized footwear to cater to customer requirements. Running shoes include shoes required for training, advanced running, road running, trail running, track running, and racing. Increasing environmental concerns over synthetic rubber and the rise in raw material prices have emerged as major challenges for the market.

As the study demands analyzing the long-term nature of the market, the identification of factors influencing the market is based on the fundamentality of the study market. Athletic footwear refers to those shoes that are designed for sports and other outdoor activities. Expect brands to increase their focus on their core, traditional footwear models in the coming year.

As an example of this, with hiking having become widely popular across the mainland, a number of footwear companies have taken the opportunity to launch specialist hiking and walking footwear. Running is considered to be the best exercise form as it helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.

The key factors driving growth in the market. Athletic footwear are products used by various consumer types such as athletes and climbers. Global Athletic Apparel Market by Value 2. Brands such as Santoni, the Italian handmade shoes company, tend to target the higher end of the market.

One of the biggest differences in recent years, retailers concur, is that is the trends are so much more customer-driven. The region is projected to continue to lead the market over the forecast period. Why are runners turning away from it. The reason I note that is the different spin that I see being spun on this decline in different places.

The report includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market. As a result, the demand for athletic shoes is expected to register a sharp rise over the coming years. The most well-known form of e-commerce is online shopping.

The report also considers revenue generated from various modes of distribution of these products. Footwear is unquestionably the driving force of the running retail market, taking up 66% of total sales.

Under Armour surpasses Adidas to become No. 2 sports brand

Just 25% of the UK market stems from apparel sales. 75% of the total shoe sales fall into the category of ‘traditional’ running shoes, with the vast majority sold under the £ mark.

The global online apparel and footwear market is quite fragmented and expected to remain the same in the coming years as several companies are indulging in exploring and developing high quality. Sportswear Industry Data and Company Profiles The total worth of the athletic apparel and footwear market is estimated at over 58 billion US dollars — of which the sportswear manage to account for some 36% of the global wholesale market.

Figure 3 reveals how Nike, Reebok, and Adidas dominate the international athletic apparel market. Global Running Apparel and Footwear Market is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.

Running is considered to be the best exercise form as it helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. The percentage of the American athletic footwear market owned by NIKE Inc.

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– so that includes Nike, Jordan Brand and Converse. adidas’s 9% share has been declining every year since Nike. Jun 29,  · The company is the market leader in the North American athletic footwear market, with nearly 60% market share. is a market leader in the basketball and running .

Global running apparel and footwear market
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Global Running Apparel and Footwear Market