Promotional strategy in rural market

Among various media of communication, television and radio have played prominent rules in the rural India to-day. Sometimes such games ensure high customer involvement and also increase the interaction between the marketer and target customers.

For example Hero Honda has They have started selling the concept of quality launched a campaign "Dhak Dhak Go" Similarly, with proper communication and easily Other companies has also launched a campaign understandable way of communications.

Rural Marketing - In Indian Economy

Rural marketing audience has been exposed to this medium. Though it is large, the rural market is geographically scattered. Marketers need to understand the psycho of the rural consumers and then act accordingly. Quality a customer perceives and a company wants to communicate.

Low literacy levels The low literacy levels in rural areas leads to problem in communication with the market and the print media has less utility as compared to the other media of communication.

Examples of Promotional Strategies in a Product

These offers might be deals for discontinued or newly released products. Rural marketing process is an outcome of the general rural development process initiation and management of social and economic change in the rural sector is the core of the rural marketing process.

Some of the leading MNCs use delivery vans in rural areas. In fact marketing is a dynamic state of are proving to be an important marketing tool since affairs and is part and parcel of the whole clusters of target audience can be tapped at the economy.

Farmers and rural artisans are paid in cash as well in kind, and their misrepresent their purchasing power. For example, a free toothbrush that comes complementary with toothpaste. Rural Marketing is a developing concept, and as a part of any economy has untapped potential; marketers have realized the opportunity recently.

Direct Mail post and e-mail This involves sending marketing to a named individual or organisation. Cultural values play major role in designed to serve basic purposes: It shows religious, cultural and economic disparities.

Rural marketing involves more intensive personal selling efforts compared to urban marketing. Its subsidiary, Mahindra and clutter in the urban market, and a demand was Shubhlabh Services, has operations in 11 states, building up in rural areas.

Demand Base and Size Indian rural market has a vast demand base and size. Because of this, in the lean season when there is a cash flow crunch, marketers need to provide financial products, schemes or solutions that suit the needs of the rural population.

Some retailer holiday events such as 4th of July events might tout paying the sales tax. When the company decides to enter into new market and launch the new product, in such cases free distribution of samples is an effective pull-up sales promotional activity.

Let us now understand the different promotion strategies involved in rural marketing. The current generation of farmers own smaller pieces of land. Many Languages and Diversity in Culture Factors like different behavior and language of every respective area increases difficulties to handle the customers.

Promotion Through The Internet The development of the world wide web has changed the business environment forever. Rural market is a market for a truly creative marketer.

Civilization always begins with the development of villages, therefore, if needs high concentration — Mahatma Gandhi. Rural marketing is currently growing at about 20% every year and companies are spending.

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The promotion element of the marketing mix (4p's) includes PR, Direct mail, DAGMAR, push and pull, sales promotion and other promotion strategies An organisation's promotional mix strategy can consist of many things.

The table below takes you through some of the methods. As the product becomes accepted by the target market (at this. The rural market for lipstick was around Rs million, compared to estimated at about tonnes against tonnes in the cities, while shampoos had a potential of tonnes in the villages compared to tonnes in the cities.

Promotional Strategies for Services in Rural Market International Conference on Service Marketing – Talking The Show Abroad 36 | Page (ICSMTSA) Promotional Strategies The rural market has changed drastically in the past one decade.

Promotional Strategies for Services in Rural Market International Conference on Service Marketing – Talking The Show Abroad 36 | Page (ICSMTSA) Promotional Strategies The rural market has changed drastically in the past one decade.

Rural Marketing: It’s Potential, Importance, Problems and Distribution Strategy Promotional strategy in rural market
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Examples of Promotional Strategies in a Product |